Advanced Unlicensed Assistants perform an active role to assist licensed nurses in the acute care setting.

This training program for AUAs is designed to build off of the basic skills performed by nursing assistants. Selected advanced skills, legal and ethical  aspects of health care and appropriate personal behaviors are presented in a format combining classroom lecture/discussion, demonstration/practice lab and clinical application at a metro acute care facility, Integris Southwest Medical Center.

This course will prepare the AUA or Patient Care Technician to provide advanced patient care procedures. This course will cover content on sterile procedures, including preparing and working with a sterile field, using sterile technique, and performing sterile dressing changes, urinary catheter insertions, along with venipuncture technique and many other advanced skills. The student will learn the importance of reporting information and observations to the licensed supervisor nurse.  Added highlights to include safety and infection control awareness, and age related information; information that is important to the student and in keeping with the latest health care trends.

This 8 week intensive course will challenge you to be knowledge as an advance patient care tech once certified through Oklahoma Board of Nursing as an Advanced Unlicensed Assistant.

Education from the course will be obtained using the Advanced Skill for Health Care Providers, second edition. Author Barbara Acello. ISBN13: 978-1-4180-0133-9