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Computer crashes are often the result of viruses, worms or Trojans as unfortunately some internet users want to cause havoc or vandalise your computer. This unit provides a guide to the downsides of living with the Net. Advice on how to deal with these dangers is provided and security issues like spyware and adware are explained. The unit also deals with protecting children online, and provides links to various helpful websites which deal with the problems raised.

Time: 10 hours
Level: Introductory

This course was developed by The Open University and is available through the OpenLearn LearningSpace, and is covered by the Creative Commons license.

This course is meant to accompany Becoming a Master Student, Eleventh Edition, ISBN: 9780618467709.

Throughout life we face numerous personal finance choices and decisions. For some of us, the process of making decisions is at best haphazard. Yet we all can learn and practice how to analyze situations, identify choices, and make informed decisions.

Practical Money Skills for Life is a multimedia instructional package designed to provide an interesting, entertaining, and challenging way to learn and apply decision-making skills. Practical Money Skills for Life is designed to teach everyone how to set long- and short-term personal and financial goals, create and work with a personal budget, identify how and when to use credit, save and invest, and understand the basics of banking services.

Additionally, Practical Money Skills for Life offers adults insights on behaviors and situations that can lead to a financial downswing, clues to recognize when a budget is in trouble, and the options available when a budget fails.

This course was developed by VISA and converted to eLearn through a work-study project with BeeDee Stevens' Graphic Design students.